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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 21, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> it was really cool, i've never seen anything like it. >> kate was sacristy filled with many spectators. >> i have always been a fan of the space program and i've been following the shuttle >> young matthew is visiting from south africa with his family and he says they picked the perfect time to come >> it was really cool, i've never seen anything like it
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>> then he came around a second time closer to the water. cameras rapidly took pictures. >> i was waiting for a couple of hours and my legs were so tired and as soon as it flew by >> some took the day off and others admitted to calling in sick. whatever the case, everyone agreed it was worth it >> this was absolutely the last chance to see the shuttle and i think no workplace worth working for would mind you taking a couple of hours off to go see it >> one woman told you don't need to be a space enthusiast to enjoy this and based on what we saw eight she was right. it was a day for everyone to appreciate. >> market is live at moffett field. hundreds were up before the sun so they could get a glimpse of the shuttle sendoff. >> there was a lot of hype about
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what would what happened here at moffett field today but when all was said and done, getting to the photographs turned out to be a little bit elusive. anticlinal low altitude bay area flyby, the 747 carrying the space shuttle delighted those just outside the moffett field >> once-in-a-lifetime, it was fantastic >> it made me feel proud to be an american >> the view from the airfield was obstructed by many by massive hangar one. >> what a great disappointment. it was horrible. we didn't even know what was
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coming. we knew what direction but they didn't tell us it was on the other side of the hangar. >> others say even though the route was not exactly as expected, it was still a good show >> this was awesome, i saw this when i was a little kid before the shuttle even went up into space and now seeing it again is very exciting >> foreign assets of flyby was a farewell to a friend. workers conducted wind tunnel experiments and designed heat shields. >> i'm very faithful because it kept me cool as we went through 3000 degrees of heat coming through the atmosphere >> as the shuttle flew south towards monterey, everyone here was very much hoping it would turn around and make a second pass, something that was simply not to be. people had a really good time but there were some people who made a big effort and did not
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get the shots they wanted. >> after leaving the bay area of the shuttle made its way to l.a. where it will be displayed at the california science museum. 2 over the iconic hollywood side and circle downtown l.a. before coming back to earth for the very last time. a large crowd gathered at lax. michele shows us the excitement >> that is the space shuttle behind me, at the united airlines hangar at lax. earlier today it was a party atmosphere as the shuttle came in. thousands of spectators waited for hours when suddenly, the 170,000 lb. star of the show made its first appearance over the airport.
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>> i've been talking to all the kids sang how cool this is an whenever it did flyby as we would climb up on chairs and watch it >> you felt like you could touch it >> i wanted to jump on board >> riding piggyback on a 747, it made three low passes over the bluff adjacent to the airport before landing. thrilled people stood on their tiptoes for a look. gloria's husband bruce, now deceased, helped build the shuttle. the final flight as deep meaning for her >> when the nose came into view, could you picture your husband placing those tiles? >> yes, i could not even take a picture, i was just crying >> at one point members of the patriotic crowd broke into song singing god bless america.
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there will always be able to say that they were a part of history. >> you can see the whole cbs five special report of the shuttle's final flight on our website and you can also find video of the golden gate bridge flyover as well as a full photo gallery. >> fire crews now have a brush fire under control but it started about 1.5 hours ago near the boundary oaks golf course in moment creek. you can see how close he came to holmes as we get a wide shot. crews used an aerial tactic to knock it down quickly. no word on the cause. a rowdy seen last night in the mission district. demonstrators out raised by a police shooting just hours earlier shouted down officers in riot gear. joe vasquez has more on what
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led to the violent encounter and the serious firepower the suspect was said to be packing. >> there was a task force out last night because of recent violence. around 8:00 last night officers recognized a 22 year-old gang member, a parolee who had already spent time in prison for shooting someone in the past. the cops ordered him to stop and he took off running, pulling a loaded semi-automatic weapon and pointed it at the police. the officer fired first, one being the gunman >> what he is up to at this point, i don't know. investigators are working on that now. where he was going or who his target was at this point we do not know but we do believe we were successful in interrupting a violent crime >> is like a machine gun >> that look scary
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>> is a tech nines semiautomatic >> that is a lot of bullets. >> i think it is tragic and unfortunately, and >> playset he had this done that he pointed at them >> i don't know, i think there are probably other means other than shooting someone >> even if he is pointing this gonna them? >> yes, i think so. because someone is holding a gun and pointing it, that doesn't necessarily mean they have the intent to shoot >> if somebody pull back down now and i had a gun, i would probably shoot them before they shot me. i don't know. >> you don't play with police officers. it is not a gray area. he either fleet or you don't. if you pull that out you get shot, that's what happens >> the gunman is still in the
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hospital with non life- threatening injuries. as for the protesters, they are planning another protest this evening. >> presidential candidate mitt romney is on the way to the bay area for a pricey private fund- raiser on the peninsula tonight. the presidential hopeful is set to land in just about 40 minutes and then he will head to hillsborough. the price ranges from 1000- $50,000 per plate. this morning romney release the details of his 2011 tax return. according to the campaign he paid nearly $2 million of federal income tax. on $13.7 million of earnings which works out to a little bit more than 14%. this afternoon president obama paid his campaign pitch to seniors. president told the crowd on a satellite video that republican
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proposals to revise medicare would mean higher out-of-pocket costs for seniors. speaking at the same conference, paul ryan pledged that mitt romney would repeal the president's health-care law. >> a bay area race with a dirty problem. we have the test results just in showing how safe the water is for swimmers. >> the forecast has warmed up. temperatures have gone up and it is the weekend. >> [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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>> tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in a new way of a violent anti- american protests across the moslem world >> police in pakistan fired tear gas and bullets that protesters who threw rocks and set buildings on fire. it was supposed to be a day of peaceful protests against an anti islamic movie, ended with 17 people dead and dozens wounded. hillary clinton met with the foreign minister of pakistan and again condemned the film that a california man made and posted on u2 >> >> we found a video at the core of these events offensive, disgusting, reprehensible. that does not provide
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justification for violence. >> she also appears in and u.s. government advertisement appearing up to 10 times per day on pakistan atv >> the u.s. government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. >> in india, students shouted death to america and set the is the american flag on fire. in bangladesh protesters took to the streets after prayers. they burned a box that was supposed to be the president's coffin. protesters also burned an american flag in afghanistan and thousands took part in a massive demonstration in iraq. muslims called the 14 minute movie trailer an attack on their religion and they're bound to protest. >> the great soda pop exchange
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happening in the bay area >> mobile 5 is live as the iphone five hits the,,
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>> mobile 5 and iphone 5, live
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at union square as the winds continue to grow. iphone enthusiasts anxious to get their hands on the new product. today, the first day it could be purchased anywhere in the world so we were there this morning when the doors opened. fans actually helped employees countdown. for those who had been waiting outside for days, they say it was well worth it. >> it feels like a massive burden has been lifted from my shoulders >> i actually ended up getting to them. >> analysts predict that apple will sell 10 million of them this weekend alone. >> more than 700 women will take part in the annual see jane run triathlon in pleasanton and water quality is a big concern for the swimming portion. in july, test samples showed that chloroform bacteria
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exceeded health standards. but dissidents are warned not to swallow any water and shower immediately after getting out >> we have contacted the water department and they have assured us that the water level is safe. every year it has been fined and it they have been able to swim safely >> results came back from a test the day unchanged. people are advised not to go in the water and if you do it is that your own risk >> would you swap a can of coke for a carrot? today many people did just that. >> the farmers' market in cupertino is bursting with fresh fruits and vessels but one table is piled high with soda pop. >> we wanted to be at the source for fresh fruit and vegetables are >> welcome to the soda exchange. the idea is to bring in any and
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an unopened can or bottle of soda and in exchange you get a voucher for fresh produce from the market >> is an awesome idea >> while they will take any soda, the real target is sugar. one can of coke contains 10 cubes of sugar >> soda and it sweetened beverages are the number-one source of sugar and added sugar in a child's diet >> research shows it can pack on the pounds. one study shows that interacts with genes that affect weight gain >> i think it is a very important issue >> this doctor says these beverages can become a habit that is easy to form a hard to break >> ab easier to change some of these things earlier than it is later. >> kids drink most sugar beverages not at school but home. parents can make a difference >> soda can get you high which
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is not good >> tomorrow the soda exchange moves to san jose. based on today's success organizers say to expect more of them in the future >> it was a spectacular day to watch the shuttle. will it continue? >> it's leading into a perfect weekend. the weekend weather will be fantastic. if you enjoy today's weather at think you'll like saturday and sunday. some-clouds are giving more character to the sky and should provide for an excellent son said. livermore near 90. 66 in san francisco but we have cool down to 62. fall begins tomorrow at 7:49
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a.m.. the first day of fall will be warmer than each of the final 18 days of summer. tomorrow will be warmer than today. tomorrow, classic car show in orinda. lots of sunshine and the beautiful weekend. we should have a beautiful sunset and there should be fewer clouds tomorrow. our focus comes back to the huge area of high pressure over the four corners region. a light or nonexistent onshore flow will give us some very awesome whether to start autumn. here is what to expect, the warm-up continues tomorrow. two or three degrees warmer tomorrow. the onshore flow will be weak
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which means the weather was a pleasant for quite awhile, well into next week. 88 in concord, low 80s in los altos. 77 in palo alto. woman creek, 88 degrees. 80 degrees in mill valley, 82 in nevada. your extended forecast calls for the '80s to continue all the way through next wednesday in the interior valleys. no rainfall for the next seven days. >> i know the shuttle was a big deal today but those cirrus clouds were beautiful also. >> it adds a little bit of character to the skies. >> coming up, a flight delay ruins a local families vacation.
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the airline admits is to blame. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> when the airline makes a mistake they often offer to travel vouchers as compensation >> jolie watts explains it may cost you more than it is worth to use them >> i have been doing homework for six months, we went to visit the rain forest >> but her dream vacation quickly turned into a nightmare. a u.s. airways computer glitch lead with flight delays causing the family to miss their connection and leaving them stranded >> we were stuck in miami for
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two days and the luggage was already at san juan. my children have traveled back and forth from one terminal to the other, it was stormy and i've never felt so filthy in my life >> she says the airline refused to offer them food vouchers although eventually agreed to pay for a hotel they had to get but the delay caused them to miss their entire vacation. there of policy? >> 8 $100 voucher >> after we got involved increase the voucher to $150 and paid for the hotel that was canceled but what about the lost time? >> i said what you offer me the voucher to go back there and they said no >> if the airline messed up, that is negligent and they are responsible for the resulting damages >> the travel attorney says it only cost the airline about $25 for every 2,000 mi. it flies a passenger so for compensating
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for damages with a voucher they're actually making money >> i will go on an online travel agency and get a better price and that voucher is directly with them so they can cut out your other discount >> something she says is not worth it. u.s. airways is still offering vouchers that they would need to pay another $2,000 to get to san juan and that is more than they would spend on another airline without the voucher. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. and never has left the building but presidential politics are heading our way as we speak. what is on mitt romney plate as he hit the bay area this evening. if you are one of the countless people who got up early and watched history fly over your head, you might ask what is next for america's space program now that the shuttle is history? that question and much more on the spectacular fly over tonight at 6:00. >> it went right over my head today. the cbs evening news is next >> we will leave you now with some of the pictures of the spectacular fly over. have a wonderful


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